Tom Waits bootleg trading page
- Greg Grant -

Page Last Updated: November, 2006
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Can't get on the Rhinedogs Site? Here, I made a copy

I have some shows in lossless format (.wav or .shn or .flac), and others in mp3 (specified below). I don't have time now to burn disks but you can arrange for download by ftp or web.
If you have anything I don't, and want to trade, or if you just want to arrange free download, please email me: (NOTE: put "Tom Waits" in the email subject.)
For general information on Tom Waits bootlegs, songlists, etc. see Unless otherwise specified, my song lists and sound quality for the files I have to trade are as given on that site.
I can provide video in VCD, VHS (PAL or NTSC), or straight mpg dumped onto a data disk. Quality varies, some of it can be found in higher quality, but all my stuff is watchable.  


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