Tom Waits
"My Father's Place, Stephen's Remaster"
Roslyn, Long Island, New York
October 10, 1977

FM or PreFM? > Tape xGen > WAV Capture > CDR xGen > WAV > Remaster (Cool Edit Pro 2.1) > MKW > SHN

Remaster Notes:
The very uncertain lineage is unfortunate, but we do know that this was 
recorded for an FM broadcast.  The fact that a lot of high frequencies 
exist on the tape indicate that it the source for this may have been a 
Pre-FM tape, but I couldn't be sure.  The sound on what I recieved was 
very good, but there was a lot of tape hiss.  Using Cool Edit Pro 2.1, 
I managed to pinpoint and remove a lot of this hissing while having very 
minimal effect on the music itself.  There were also a few pops present 
on the tape, introduced during analog tranfers (it was not diginoise) that 
I removed.  I did not alter the EQ at all, as I felt that the frequency 
balance of the music itself was adjusted appropriately by the radio station 
engineer who recorded it.  I am very pleased with the result, and think that 
the sound upgrade makes this one a lot easier to listen to and ultimately 
more fulfilling.

Performance Notes:
This is a fantastic performance, and I am glad that a nice sounding version 
of it was able to circulate.  Tom plays a lot of the Foreign Affairs material 
which makes this a rare item.  The vocals are a touch better than Drink at the 
Bar (the other nice sounding 1977 show that I have), and the band is tight and 
fun.  Tom adds some lines to Step Right Up that I've not heard anywhere else 
as well.  This is a highly recommended show, and though not quite as essential 
as some of the late 1976 shows, still shows Tom performing his mid-70's material 
very well.
-Stephen Pickett,

Tom Waits - Vocals, Piano
Frank Vicari - Tenor saxophone
Danny Trifan - Bass
Chip White - Vibraphone, Percussion

1. Standing On The Corner 
2. I Never Talk To Strangers 
3. Pasties And A G String 
4. Invitation To The Blues >
5. Eggs And Sausage 
6. Depot Depot 
7. Jitterbug Boy 
8. Step Right Up 
9. I Wish I Was In New Orleans 
10. Small Change 
11. The Piano Has Been Drinking 
12. Emotional Weather Report 
13. Muriel 
14. Jack and Neal 
15. Tom Trauberts Blues