This is a great show, classic '76 Nocturnal Emissions show, 
with the band and Tom sounding great. Excellent versions of 
most songs, and better than average storytelling. I'm glad 
to have this one. 

My version doesn't sound that bad, I would rate the sound 
quality of my copy a B+, definitely better than the average 
bootleg, but still with some definite issues. It's not an 
audience recording, so it doesn't suffer from the usual 
problems such as audience chatter and boominess. Sounds 
pretty good for the most part, though there are still a 
handful glitches and dropouts in my copy. There was a fair 
amount of hiss but I managed to get rid of most of it leaving 
the highs of the music pretty much intact. Now it really 
sounds quite good, on average. 

The song list of the copy I have is different from the list 
on the rhinedogs site. The list of my copy is as follows: 

Step Right Up 
Eggs And Sausage 
Jitterbug Boy 
Pasties And A G-String 
Semi Suite 
Depot, Depot (partial) 
Better Off Without A Wife 
The One That Got Away 
Putnam County 
Big Joe And Phantom 309 
Emotional Weather Report 
San Diego Serenade 
Small Change 
Band Intros 
The Piano Has Been Drinking 
Tom Traubert's Blues