Tom Waits - 8-12-1973 - KPFK Folk Scene - Los Angeles

I got a copy of this that was crisp and clear, but 
had significant static and other noise.  I managed to largly 
remove the noise very nicely with WavClean.  Sounds very clean

It's very strange to hear Tom in his early days
when his voice was really high and completely different
from what it would be a couple years later.  How this
happened to his voice I'm still not sure...

Set list:

Virginia Ave (02:23) 
Interview (01:44) 
San Diego Serenade (02:52) 
Interview (02:02) 
Ol' '55 (03:37) 
Interview (02:24) 
Semi Suite (02:49) 
Interview (00:32) 
Fumblin With The Blues (02:13) 
Interview (03:11) 
Rosie (03:00) 
Interview (05:04) 
Depot Depot (02:23) 
Interview (01:01) 
Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (03:44) 
Interview (00:38) 
Heart Of Saturday Night (03:52) 
Interview (02:48) 
Ice Cream Man (03:10) 
Interview (01:53) 
Big Joe And Phantom 309 (04:34) 

Running time: 55:54