Here is a show that I can't find on anybody's list. It seems pretty clear to me that it's mid 1975. It's a great show and Tom is on a roll. The original recording is solid, however this has been sitting on a reel-to-reel tape for 30 years and there are some issues. Aside from the expected hiss, there are tape warbling sounds, however most of that goes away after the first three songs. I don't have a problem listening to it in this quality, but I'd have to overall rate it a C+. I give the original recording a B and the show an A for its era. The person who found it had written the theater on the box, and he said he was pretty anal about those things back then. So I think we can feel reasonably confident about the Granada Theater, Santa Barbara. If anybody knows the exact date, or more info, or if this is actually available somewhere else, please let me know.

Tom Waits 
Granada Theater 
Santa Barbara, CA 
1975 (??) 

Cassette from the audience > reel-to-reel > Masterlink > CD 

Diamonds On My Windshield 
Better Off Without A Wife 
Pool Game Rap (title?) 
Eggs and Sausage 
Ol' 55 
Nighthawk Postcards 
Fumblin' With The Blues 
Saturday Night Fish Fry 
Ghost of Saturday Night/Heart of Saturday Night 
Virginia Avenue 
San Diego Serenade (cuts) 
Big Joe and Phantom 309