Can you make copies of XYZ for me?

No, we are just hosting the platform and information. We can't copy any CDs for you! This is a non-profit site and we don't have time to copy CDs. Try trading, don't buy bootlegs. Please respect our opinion, and don't ask.

What is trading all about?

The idea of trading is to exchange rare, commercially unavailable recordings among fans.
If you've heard all of Tom's studio work over and over again, you might know what we're talking about: you are ready for more!

It's about avoiding bootleg sellers, who charge unbearable prices for rare CDs. Please buy all of Tom's official CDs,
but *don't* pay high prices for rare and unofficial stuff! Trading is a wonderful way to get these recordings cheap,and you also have the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people all over the world.

Nowadays, most people trade CD-Rs, so you just need a CD-writer to get started!

And please, don't ever sell your bootlegs, for example at eBay.
Help new traders to get started, so they don't have to buy the bootlegs!

Who is willing to trade?

If you have absolutely nothing to trade for in the beginning, try to find a B/P-trade. This means that you send (B)lanks to a trader, and he will copy some CD-Rs for you. You also have to pay the (P)ostage for your fellow trader. Usually, you send this person the double amount of blanks that he needs to write your CD-Rs.

To find a B/P-trader, check the usenet or the RAINDOGS mailinglist.
You might also try the trading community on this page.

But please accept that some traders don't have time to do B/P-trades anymore!Most people with huge tradelists have already done lots of B/Ps and helped a lot of people already. So maybe go for the traders who still have a little amount of discs.

Don't despair! There are so many nice Rain Dogs out there! And many traders trade for a lot more than just Tom Waits ... it's not that hard to get into trading.

Sometimes you will find "trees", which is another kind of distribution: This means that you (the "branch") get a CD-R from a trader and have to copy it for one or more other traders (the "leafs").Trees are organized by some traders (the "root"), who spread the first copies. Usually, trees are only organized for "must-have" items.

Just check usenet and the Raindogs list regularly!

How can I upload my own tradelist?

First, go to my account and register, and log in.

Now, add your trader details! This is required if you want to have your own list.

Go to bootlegs, and click on a CD that you have. Click add to my tradelist.

Go back to bootlegs. Click view my trade list. There you go!

How can I add new bootlegs?

First, go to my account and register, and log in.

Click on insert item.

If you have any difiiculties with the form on this site, read our guide on how to edit an item.

Please understand that new bootlegs must be verified by the administrator This may take some hours to happen. Before we have verified your item, you are able to see it in your personal tradelist, but it won't appear on the complete bootleg guide.

How can I upload artwork?

Unfortunately, you can't upload artwork by yourself. Please send it to us by e-mail. Please make sure that your files work and that they are smaller than 1 MB per file. We won't accept bigger files!

...more questions?

Just ask! Contact us via traders -> Rhinedogs -> contact. You have to be logged in to do so.

- trading Tom Waits is maintained by Christoph Baudson and Michael Tonn -