1978, San Diego, California Theatre

CD 1 of 1, running time 58:43

The One That Got Away
Jitterbug Boy
Step Right Up
I Never Talk To Strangers
Depot Depot
The Piano Has Been Drinking
New Coat Of Paint
Small Change
A Sight For Sore Eyes
10 Pasties And A G String


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Radio broadcast (KGB-FM). Very good sound quality, but unfortunately a lot of cuts.At one point the radio is even detuned to another station for a few seconds!

If you don't mind the cuts and little interrupions, this is a very nice show!



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FM Broadcast (KGB Radio) > Unknown Tape Gen > CDR

This set circulates as 12/13/1978, but this is probably just a broadcast date, which means the show was recorded at least a few months prior. There are some problems at points with the radio being detuned, as well as some cuts between songs. There is even about 10 seconds in TPHBD where there is no sound at all, and Pasties has several tape speed fluctuation issues. All of these problems were introduced on the original analog tape, and unfortunately, no seamless version circulates. Aside from these issues, the sound itself is excellent (a notch shy of an A on account it being an analog capture of FM broadcast; there is an audible but minimal amount of noise). The performance is awesome....almost as good as the Austic City Limits show which was played at about the sme time. Tom's lyrical improvisation and introduction stories are as good here as they are anywhere else. If you can deal with the occasional problems with the source tape, this is one that you'll certainly want to pick up.
-Stephen Pickett, http://www.salvaj.com/steve/bootlegs

Band (Sinoa Young replaces Greg Cohen for this show):
Tom Waits - Piano, Vocals
Frank Vicari - Saxophone
Chip White - Vibraphone, Percussion
Sinoa Young - Upright Bass



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