1975, Jan 12, Los Angeles, KPFK Folkscene

CD 1 of 1, running time 53:16

Diamonds On My Windshield
New Coat Of Paint
Nighthawk Postcards
On A Foggy Night
Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
Fumblin With The Blues
San Diego Serenade
Better Off Without A Wife
10 Drunk On The Moon
11 Big Joe And Phantom 309


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Radio broadcast. Great sound quality, no background noise at all. Only a few radio beeps seperate this show from an 'A'.Another 'must-have' item! And again, Howard Larman is the host.

KPFK Folkscene also has a 2CD set for sale with various artists performing on their program.Tom is featured with one song off this show, I guess. See http://www.kpfk.org for details.


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