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We do not have a free media in the United States and we do not receive balanced information by any possible definition. The media under corporate control almost exclusively, including so-called Public television. As a (predictable) result, many aspects of the truth, the most important truths for us to know as Americans, are shut out of the media. Issues of lifestyle or other social issues such as abortion, which do not affect the bottom line of corporations, are hotly debated, but other issues, those that would allow us to understand the real role of the U.S. in the world and not just the fairy tale that we support freedom and democracy and benevolence, are almost completely absent from mainstream dialogue. Instead on fiscal/economic/foreign policy issues the media are in lock step serving their propaganda function. On such issues we are a deeply indoctrinated society. Take Iran for example.
Noam Chomsky is an ardent and acclaimed critic of the United States foreign and domestic policy. He has written many books and gives regular speeches and is a regular commentator around the world in the mainstream media. He is however completely shut out of the US media, save some very rare exceptions. This is stuff every American should hear, truly the "other side" of the story. It is more than worth the effort to understand what he has to say, he speaks to common sense, but it may at first very alien to you. That is how deeply we are indoctrinated in this country. Please give it a chance. I have accumulated many speeches and am going to make the best ones available for download on this page.
There are other great analysts as well that will be available here, this is not a Noam Chomsky fan site but a site on political analysis in general. Basically anybody who really gets at certain truths is completely ignored by the media, including NPR and other corporately underwritten "public" news shows. Notice that Michael Moore is not ignored. That's because he's pretty far off target. He's the kind of nuisance the media actually like to have around, to give some them pretense of credibility, but who is still harmless because it's so sophmoric and confusing. Chomsky on the other hand, if everybody was exposed to these ideas on any kind of regular basis, there would be real trouble from the rabble, because as regular people we still have a lot of power and there is a lot that informed citizens do to make the world better.
There are three types of Chomsky audio files that I have: speeches, interviews, and Q&A. The speeches are a bit tougher, and will probably require several listenings at first. The Q&A stuff tends to be much more down to earth, because he is answering off the top of his head. Some of the most honest and trenchant discussions I have ever heard are in the Q&A interview stuff. I will be posting a lot of this stuff here, please give it a listen and share it if you can, there is no copyright on any of this stuff.
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Noam Chomsky Speeches in mp3
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U.S. Colombia Policy May 12th, 2000 Boston, MA Speech, with follow up Q&A 38,615K 54 min 55 sec