We're All Mad Here

2002, Mar 19, Petaluma, Washoe House, Epitaph Promo CD

CD 1 of 1, running time 51:31

Misery Is The River Of The World (fade out)
Interview (Introductory Remark)
Interview (Marketing Strategy)
God's Away On Business
Interview (The Word Opera Means Work)
Tabletop Joe
Interview (Magic Or Medicine)
Interview (Alice On Ice)
10 Interview (Getting An Early Start)
11 Komme Nie Zu Spät
12 Interview (The Program)
13 Interview (Circular Violin)
14 We're All Mad Here
15 Interview (Two Or More Sides)
16 Interview (Strumming The Spider's Web)
17 Watch 'Em Disappear
18 Interview (Word Guy Word Gal)
19 Lullaby
20 Interview (I Might Just hum It)
21 Another Man's Vine
22 Interview (Sexy And Scary)
23 Interview (Spastic Colon)
24 Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
25 Interview (Kind Of A Riddle)
26 Interview (The highest Form Of Flattery)
27 Woe
28 Interview (New Song Titles)
29 Interview (Closing Pitch)
30 Fawn
31 Interview (Creamed)


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This was an officially released promo disc to plug the simultaneously released albums Blood Money and Alice. It's about half interview and half songs from those two albums (the official versions). It's out of print and somewhat difficult to find. I give it a B because it's about half songs that I have on the official albums. The interview segments are priceless for the Waits fan, but a whole disc of this would have been better (but not as effective as a promo, I suppose).



I agree with audiophile about the songs but I give it an A b/c of the interviews



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mr. randles


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