1986, Jun 17, Chicago, Briar Street Theatre, 'Frank's Wild Years'

CD 1 of 2, running time 66:19

Innocent When You Dream
Frank's Wild Years
Yesterday Is Here
Blow Wind Blow
Hang On St Christopher
Please Wake Me Up
Straight To The Top
10 I'll Take New York

CD 2 of 2, running time 66:31

Please Wake Me Up
More Than Rain
Innocent When You Dream
In A Suit Of Your Dreams
Will You Remember Me
Down Down Down
Train Song


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This recording is of rather poor quality. My copy came from mp3, but that's not the problem (I've heard little digital noise). The problem is the original recording, as it sounds like it was recorded from the back of the theater, so it's rather poor.

The performance is wonderful, however, although my copy has been edited and altered from the one listed here. Mine is much shorter, although all the music is there. The dialogue seems to have been cut out (most of it anyway), so it fits on one cd. I don't think this is a problem, actually, because the little dialogue that is present on my disc is very hard to understand, due to the reverb of the theater hall.

But as I say, the music is wonderful, especially the jazzy version of Yesterday is here, which I almost like better than the Album version...

This is perhaps only for die-hard collectors, but definately worth a listen.


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