Eyeball Kit

a.k.a. Yer The Best

1999, Aug 23, Toronto, Hummingbird Centre

CD 1 of 2, running time 70:19

Lucky Day Overture
The Black Rider
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Get Behind The Mule
Walk Away
Chocolate Jesus
Earth Died Screaming
Hold On
10 Eyeball Kid
11 Tango Till They're Sore
12 A Little Rain
13 Invitation To The Blues
14 I Can't Wait To Get Off Work

CD 2 of 2, running time 70:56

Innocent When You Dream
16 Shells From A Thirty Ought Six
Shore Leave
Strange Weather
Who Are You
Filipino Box Spring Hog
In The Colosseum
Come On Up To The House
What's He Building
10 I Don't Wanna Grow Up
11 Lowside Of The Road
12 Fish In The Jailhouse
13 Time
14 Take It With Me


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The only live version of 'Lowside Of The Road' ever.



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Lucky Day muffled then
Some weird audio like rustling on first disk during Black rider but clears up and audio improves. Taper moving??

Disk 2 fades in and out on first song but everything else ok



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