1977, Oct 31, Madison, Park Motor Inn

CD 1 of 2, running time 0:00

The One That Got Away
I Never Talk To Strangers
Step Right Up
Invitation To The Blues
Eggs And Sausage
Jitterbug Boy
Pasties And A G String
Small Change
New Coat Of Paint

CD 2 of 2, running time 0:00

The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
Depot Depot
Burma Shave
Band Introduction
Putnam County


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This sounds much better than an audience recording, all instruments and vocals are totally clear. But my copy has noise and artifacts, but mainly in the first two or three tracks, then it improves. It's very listenable though, and worth tolerating the issues because this is a great show. It's only the sound issues that keep me from giving it an "A". Tom and the whole band are clicking great. And there's even an eight minute instrumental interlude in "Pasties and a G-String", after which some woman in the audience got offended and starts heckling "let's see you drop em, let's see what you got, you sexist asshole...". Tom didn't even seem to notice, lol. I wonder if there are cleaner copies out there, or if this one can be cleaned up. But in any case, this show is worth having.



This show is very good. it does have artifacts as char-boy mentioned but I still think it is good enough to give an A

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