Tom Waits In Holland

CD 1 of 1, running time 58:04

The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
Fumblin With The Blues
Drunk On The Moon
San Diego Serenade
Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
Better Off Without A Wife
Silent Night
VPRO Jingle
10 On The Nickel
11 The Piano Has Been Drinking
12 Pasties And A G String
13 Jitterbug Boy
14 I Wish I Was In New Orleans
When The Saints
A Sight For Sore Eyes
15 I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
16 Interview


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Track #1 is an interview from May 1976 (unconfirmed)

Tracks #2-#7 are excerpts from a live concert from the 'Americain', Amsterdam, May 26, 1976

Track #8 is an interview from 'De Bazuin' (KRO), Apr 18, 1979, 'Silent Night' is a duet with Dutch singer Mieke.
Interviewer: Bram van Splunteren

Tracks #9-#15 are from a radio show for VPRO, 'De Suite', on Apr 20, 1979.

Track #16 is an interview for VPRO from Jun 11, 1985

Radio broadcasts. Sound quality is excellent. A very nice compilation indeed!

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