1995, Dortmund, Theater Dortmund, The Black Rider

CD 1 of 1, running time 79:59

Instrumental (Theater Dortmund)
Russian Dance (Theater Dortmund)
Conferencier I (Theater Dortmund)
Conferencier II (Theater Dortmund)
The Last Rose Of Summer (Theater Dortmund)
Lucky Day (Theater Dortmund)
Lucky Day (Theater Dortmund)
Oily Night (Theater Dortmund)
Käthchen (Theater Dortmund)
10 Crossroads (Theater Dortmund)
11 'T Ain't No Sin (Theater Dortmund)
12 'Horns' (Theater Dortmund)
13 The Black Rider (Theater Dortmund)
14 The Black Rider (Theater Dortmund)
15 'Roar' (Theater Dortmund)
16 'Roar' (Theater Dortmund)
17 'Blank' (Theater Dortmund)
18 Hund in Müll und Aas (Theater Dortmund)
19 'Blank' (Theater Dortmund)
20 A Man's World (Theater Dortmund)
21 November (Theater Dortmund)
22 Gospel Train (Theater Dortmund)
23 'Horns' (Theater Dortmund)
24 Flash Pan Hunter (Theater Dortmund)
25 Just The Right Bullets (Theater Dortmund)
26 Just The Right Bullets (Theater Dortmund)
27 But He's Not Wilhelm (Theater Dortmund)
28 'Roar' (Theater Dortmund)
29 But He's Not Wilhelm (Theater Dortmund)
30 But He's Not Wilhelm (Theater Dortmund)
31 The Briar And The Rose (Theater Dortmund)
32 News From The Duke (Theater Dortmund)
33 I'll Shoot The Moon (Theater Dortmund)
34 I'll Shoot The Moon (Theater Dortmund)
35 In The Morning (Theater Dortmund)
36 In The Morning (Theater Dortmund)
37 Blood Red Moon English (Theater Dortmund)
38 Blood Red Moon German (Theater Dortmund)


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Studio recordings. A very rare recording which has never been released officially.

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