Sleepin' At Drew's House

1976, Cleveland

CD 1 of 1, running time 55:50

Pasties And A G String
Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
Emotional Weather Report
Invitation To The Blues
New Coat Of Paint
Diamonds On My Windshield
Tom Trauberts Blues


3.89 out of 5   (3 votes)



Soundboard recording. The sound quality is very good, there are only some flaws in it (see 'Last Call').

But the tracks are a real mess. They are different to the cover print, and sometimes there is more than one song in one track.

It's not a single concert, so you won't get the atmosphere of a live performance,although every single song is very nice itself. There are better recordings out there.



A decent collection of songs, though not from a single concert. The artwork is dreadfully inaccurate, as is the tracking information on the left. The actual tracklist is as follows:
1. Jitterbug Boy / Pasties and a G-String / Ghosts of Saturday Night / Heart of Saturday Night
2. Emotional Weather Report
3. Invitation to the Blues
4. San Diego Serenade
5. New Coat of Paint
6. Diamonds on my Windsheild
7. Tom Traubert's Blues

The sound is very good, and Tom's poetic improvisation is in peak form. The vocals at times are a little rough (even for those used to Tom's voice). Tom collections should own it, but it misses being an A recording becuase of the poor documentation, incompleteness, and sometimes poor vocals.



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funny Tom Talk



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