Alice PMS


CD 1 of 1, running time 79:18

There's Only Alice
Interlude 1
And No One Knows I'm Gone
Interlude 2
Tabletop Joe
Interlude 3
Komme Nie Zu Spät
Interlude 4
Hang Me In The Bottle
10 Interlude 5
11 Down The Reeperbahn
12 Interlude 6
13 One Two And Through
14 Interlude 7
15 Everything You Can Think Of Is True
16 Interlude 8
17 But There's Never A Rose
18 Interlude 9
19 What Became Of Old Father Craft
20 Interlude 10
21 Chained Together For Life
22 Interlude 11
23 Falling Down The Lane
24 Interlude 12
25 Untitled instrumental piece
26 Interlude 13
27 Down The Reeperbahn
28 Goodbye


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Studio recording. The music was written by Tom Waits for 'Alice', a play directed by Robert Wilson.Well, it's like an album never released, all the songs were completely unavailable before. Make sure to get a copy!

The sound quality is, needless to say, excellent! The 'Alice' recordings are definitely the best bootlegs ever!

Please note: This version of 'Alice' has four more tracks (#24, #26, #27, #28) than the 74 min version 'The Original Demos'.



The most complete of the two Alice demo collections. A nice clean recording. It drags at a few points, but is understandable as these songs were never intended for broad consumption. Rumor is that this tape was stolen from Tom's car in 1992, and it otherwise would never have reached our ears. Worth a listen if you're interested in the evolution of the Alice album, but not essential to general Waits collectors.

David L


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Joe Gun


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