One Night Stand

1976, Cleveland, Agora Ballroom

CD 1 of 1, running time 61:45

Standing On The Corner
I Never Talk To Strangers
The One That Got Away
Depot Depot
Jitterbug Boy
Fumblin With The Blues
The Piano Has Been Drinking
Depot Depot
Jitterbug Boy
10 Emotional Weather Report
11 San Diego Serenade
12 The One That Got Away


1.67 out of 5   (2 votes)



Soundboard recording. Sound quality is OK, but the track transitions aren't very smooth. It seems like the last second of each song is missing, and that some applause is cut too.

This bootleg is a compilation from two shows at the Agora in Cleveland.



Ditto to Rhinedogs' comments. The track transitions are smooth, but the songs each seem to be cut (which means between track commentary has also been but). This would have been a nice tape if someone would have done better editing, included complete shows, or at least documented the dates a little better. As it stands, despite the very good performance, this bootleg is better left until you're starved for new Tom material and have consumed everything else that circulates.



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