1976, West Chester, Jazz Festival

CD 1 of 2, running time 46:20

Step Right Up
I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
New Coat Of Paint
Semi Suite
The One That Got Away
Jitterbug Boy
Depot Depot
San Diego Serenade
Pasties And A G String
10 A Sight For Sore Eyes

CD 2 of 2, running time 40:23

Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
Spare Parts
Tom Trauberts Blues (cut)
Emotional Weather Report
Better Off Without A Wife
Small Change
Ol' 55
Bad Liver And A Broken Heart


3.33 out of 5   (2 votes)



Audience recording. Very nice performance, and good sound quality. Some tape background noise in the end, but definitelyone of the better '76 recordings.



I only have an MP3 copy of this show at the moment but it sounds pretty good.

I love this performance and its definately my current favourite 76 show along with the faces club Dallas, but this one sounds a little better. plus the 'sight for sore eyes/cupid/heart of saturday night' medley is just awesome.

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