1975, Feb 19, Denver, Ebbet's Field

CD 1 of 1, running time 48:42

Diamonds On My Windshield
On A Foggy Night
Eggs And Sausage
Ice Cream Man
San Diego Serenade
Big Joe And Phantom 309
New Coat Of Paint
Spare Parts
10 Ol' 55
11 The Ghosts Of Saturday Night
12 Looking For The Heart Saturday Night
13 Nobody


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This info comes from Ken:

This tape was recorded by Listen Up, the equipment shop which provided sound equipment for Ebbetts Field in Denver, and the ones responsible for all the early Denver tapes which circulate. While most of those tapes were broadcast by KDHT, this tape was NOT! This tape was lost by Listen Up, and turned up in a box of open reel tapes which were being sold essentially as blanks. Fortunately they were bought by a man who knew enough to check the contents before bulk erasing them, and who then knew what he had when he heard it. It was mastered to digital in Denver in August of 2001, long after KDHT was off the air, and tracked by KDL for distribution via Waits

As for the date, the era can be surmised by the set list. The actual set of shows was located in Denver's "Straight Creek Journal," and the
suggested date of 12/3/75 is actually an educated guess. Usually the broadcast of an artist would occur early in the run of shows, in this case
verified as December 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 1975. So the guess is that the broadcast was made on the first night, in order to interest listeners in
attending subsequent performances. This guess is informed by the run of shows from Ebbetts Field on October 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13, 1974, from which the 8th is a known broadcast date.

So the source is Master Reel > WAV > CD, with very little modification, other than attention to decoding the original noise reduction which had been applied to the master. The results are among the best sounding from this era of recordings.



A really great sounding recording with Tom sounding at his best before his voice lowered about 10 octaves. Definitely a must have of the early years.



Fantastic bootleg, one of Tom's best shows pre-1980. My copy is the Wolf's Remaster: Tom Waits Remasters Vol. 5



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