Democrats hate Republicans. But what they hate even more is to be criticized from the left. When I point out that the Democrat party is hard core right wing party, in lock step with the Republicans on any matter that affects the bottom line of corporations, Democrats usually get far more angry and defensive than they do towards a Republican.Joe Biden for example is a right wing corporate lapdog with a history of regressive politics and blowing women and children to bits for profit around the globe - it would be hard to find somebody more evil. Sure he has a nice smile and the Demoratic party's rhetoric and campaign promises sound different from the Republican party. But campaign promises are lies told to win votes. Neither Clinton nor Obama kept a single one of them that affects the bottom line of corporations and rich people. Only on a very few issues like abortion do they really differ, because corporations don't care about abortion. But once in power the Democrats institute right wing economic policies far more effectively than Republicans, because the people let them get away with it. Democrat voters don't pay attention when there's a Democrat president. For example Bush Sr. could not get NAFTA through, it took Clinton (the Corporate lapdog). Bush Jr. could not get broad support for the evil wars of conquest, it took Obama (the corporate lapdog psychopath) who told us war is good as he escalated the war in Afghanistan and started a bunch more of them elsewhere, as protests of the wars dropped to zero. What he did in Libya, for example, deserves life without parole. What he did to the poor people in Yemen will earn him a prominant place in Hell. Read this for more. But nobody notice or cared when Obama was doing it. Had a Republican done it, people would have noticed and been up in arms. I went to four demonstrations at the White House against Clinton's illegal war of aggression against Serbia - both congress and the UN said "NO" but he did it anyway. Not more than 20 people ever showed up. But a few years later they all wanted me to march in their demonstrations against Bush's war which was no less justified than Clinton's - in fact Congress said "YES" to Bush. Bush's lies were about WMD's that didn't exist, Clinton's were about a genocide that wasn't happening. Both were immoral wars of hegemony and conquest. The truth on both of these came out later. You heard about WMD's but you never heard that Milosevic was found not guilty and there was no genocide. That's because it doesn't fit the narrative. How do we let the Democrats get away with murder? Why are we so gullible? It's because that's the picture of the world we're spoon fed by the corporate media. See Manufacturing Consent for a quick education on this. We have to come to terms with how incredibly deeply indoctrinated we are as a people, before anything can hope to change. So I ask what's worse, a wolf in wolves clothing or a wolf in sheep's clothing? The greatest evil of our day is the willingness of both parties to commit mass murder for profit. Hundreds of thousands of civilians slaughtered in cold blood in country after country. But you don't hear about those attrocities, even though they're all well documented - you only hear about the crimes of our enemies. To convince you of that I'd need your ear for an extended time, which you probably won't give me. But the truth is out there.